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Lez Vague As
Elvis Vague As

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting The Sultans of Swank, The Kings of Kitsch, Australasia’s Cabaret superstars:
Les and Elvis. Vague As,
The Vague As Brothers!

Delivering a slick and energetic show of ultra stylish fun with the emphasis on pure entertainment.

This dynamic duo have been wowing audiences all over New Zealand and Australia with their delicious brand of pop leaving the audiences screaming
“Viva Las Vague As”

Their aural love machine serves discerning swingers a lush cocktail of cheesy pop classics and hot dance hits.
So good you’ll forget you never heard of them, The Brothers play all the hits you love but are afraid to admit it.

Style is everything, their sharp shimmering safari suits, lapels, flashy jewellery, accessories and provocative dance moves all delivered with panache have ladies in the audience rushing the stage.

Les Vague As is a classic showman with all the moves. His lighthearted delivery and vocal excellence is pure class…and the guy can dance baby yeh!

Elvis Vague As maestro of the organ extraordinaire keeps the sounds pumping and the ladies jumping. Notice when he plays his hands never leave his wrists!

Feel the Love as the Vague As Brothers perform tunes from a wide range of artists appealing to all ages.
Neil Diamond, Sinatra, Elvis, Tom Jones, Pop Classics, Swing, Disco, Lounge or just good old-fashioned Rock and Roll.

With a huge list of satisfied clients and numerous events under their belt, it's an understatement to say the Vague As Brothers know the key to creating a successful occasion. There’s insatiable demand for The Boys at corporate functions, private parties, weddings, and public events.

For your dancing, listening and viewing pleasure go no further than the Vague As Brothers

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